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Brewing Science & Technology

Beer is one of the world's oldest prepared beverages and early Mesopotamian and Sumerian writings contain references to beer brewing. The reason for this is that brewing a beer is in principle quite simple as it can be done without using sophisticated equipment. However brewing the same beer at a consistent high quality day in and day out requires a very detailed knowledge about the entire brewing process,  the impact of equipment being used and the interaction with the raw materials.

Carlsberg Research Laboratory was instrumental in the development of brewing science technology during industrialization to ensure a high quality final product. Discoveries such as the purification of yeast, the role of enzymes and the pH scale made it possible for Carlsberg to brew beer at high and consistent level.


Today product quality remains central to Carlsberg Research Laboratory activities. One of Brewing Science and Technology’s current research focuses is enhanced flavour stability that will secure our consumers a perfect drinking experience whenever they drink one of our products.

Carlsberg has an ambition to be the global brewer with the lowest consumption of water and energy per litre of beer being produced. Therefore, another important research area is the development of new sustainable brewing technological processes.

For research and testing purposes Carlsberg Research Laboratory has a fully equipped brewing pilot plant that includes filtering and bottling facilities.

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