The Carlsberg family

The Carlsberg family comprises the Group, three grant-awarding foundations, two internationally acclaimed museums and the Carlsberg Research Laboratory.

The Carlsberg Foundation

Brewer Jacobsen's life's work

Brewer Jacobsen's life's work

In the Carlsberg Foundation, ambitious brewing enterprise blossoms side by side with research and support for the finest science, art and culture.

The New Carlsberg Foundation

In the service of art

In the service of art

The New Carlsberg Foundation is a pillar of the Danish arts, working to promote, enhance and develop art, the appreciation of art and the desire for art in Denmark.

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The Tuborg Foundation

Bringing people together in new ways

Bringing people together in new ways

Since its founding in 1931, the Tuborg Foundation has supported a diverse range of initiatives across Denmark within the areas of music, culture, sport, education and industry. The Foundation was created with the objective of supporting associations and projects that bring people together in new ways and build bridges between civil society and industry.

The Carlsberg Research Laboratory

The art of brewing starts with science

The art of brewing starts with science

Over the years, the Carlsberg Research Laboratory has delivered ground-breaking research, revolutionising modern brewing. It was in the laboratory on Valby Hill that pure yeast was first cultured and the pH scale invented. More recently, researchers have developed the null-LOX barley sort, which gives beer greatly increased freshness and an improved, more stable head. 

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The Museum of National History

When Frederiksborg Caste was ravaged by fire in 1859, J.C. Jacobsen took the lead in the work to rebuild the former royal residence. When Frederiksberg Castle opened to the public in 1882, J.C. Jacobsen turned over the Museum of National History to the Carlsberg Foundation.

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

Sharing passion and beauty.

Carl Jacobsen placed himself in the service of art, which is why he opened his impressive collection of works of art to the public. He called it "Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek", and today it is an internationally reowned museum and part of the Carlsberg Foundation.

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