Research for a Better tomorrow

Brewing Science & Technology

For research and testing purposes Carlsberg Research Laboratory has a fully equipped brewing pilot plant that includes filtering and bottling facilities.

New Ingredients

Our field of research is the identification and optimization of new natural ingredients used in beer and malt beverages. 

Raw Materials

Using up-to-date growth and screening facilities and unique scientific expertise, the focus is to identify and breed cereals for future needs. 

Yeast & Fermentation

The overall aim of the Yeast and Fermentation Platform is to provide the next brewing organisms with improved traits for application in our core beers, craft and specialty beers and non-alcoholic beverages. 

Thirsty for more?

The discovery of how to purify yeast

The discovery of how to purify yeast

In 1883, Emil Chr. Hansen, head of the physiology department of the Carlsberg Research, made a ground-breaking discovery that would revolutionize the brewing industry.

The invention of the pH scale

The invention of the pH scale

With the invention of the pH scale, Carlsberg could ensure high quality of every beer. The applications of the pH scale have since been countless throughout all fields. 

Crops for the future

Crops for the future

Climate change and increased population growth are challenging sustainable food production. Carlsberg Research Laboratory will together with several partners develop climate-tolerant plants with higher yields and better nutritional value.