The Tuborg Foundation

The foundation with society as its business


The Tuborg Foundation was established in 1931, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of The United Breweries Limited (UB). The Foundation was created with the objective to benefit society by supporting partnerships between the civil society, the private sector, and public institutions. Since its launch in 1931 it has supported a diverse range of initiatives across Denmark within the areas of music, culture, sport, education, and industry.

In accordance to the 2020 adopted strategy, The Tuborg Foundations aims at supporting young people in transition from youth to work life. This is done by supporting youth through organizations, projects, and initiatives which seek to enhance the youth opportunities in attaining their dreams for a better future.

The Tuborg Foundation basis for donations is based on the belief that the youths’ dreams for the future is closely connected to their dreams for a career and of working life.

The Tuborg Foundation also supports projects that bring industry and civil society closer together. This focus is consistent with the original vision of J.C. Jacobsen, founder of the Carlsberg Breweries and the Carlsberg Foundation, to give back to society and thus support civil society.

On October 1st 1991, the Tuborg Foundation became an independent department of the Carlsberg Foundation, and to this day, the Tuborg Foundation still receives 13% of the Carlsberg Foundation's annual distribution amount each year.

The Work of The Tuborg Foundation


With young people as its strategic focus, the Tuborg Foundation supports activities within four categories:

Labour Market, Democracy, Entrepreneurship and Creative Industries


The stated objective of the Tuborg Foundation is to promote socially beneficial projects and provide particular support for Danish industry.