Corporate Governance

Carlsberg aims to maintain an appropriate corporate governance framework to ensure active, reliable and profitable business management across the Group.

Corporate Governance at Carlsberg

Carlsberg’s Supervisory Board and Executive Board constantly strive to ensure that the Group’s management structure and control systems are appropriate and work satisfactorily. A number of internal procedures have been developed and are regularly updated in order to ensure active, reliable and profitable business management.

The basis of the Group’s corporate governance includes the Danish Companies Act, the Danish Financial Statements Act, IFRS, the Danish Securities Trading Act, NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen A/S’s rules for issuers of shares, and the Company’s Articles of Association. 


Recommendations on Corporate Governance

The recommendations of the Danish Committee on Corporate Governance form part of NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen A/S’s rules for issuers of shares. These recommendations were last updated in November 2017.

The Carlsberg Group complies with all the corporate governance recommendations, and the Supervisory Board actively uses the recommendations in relevant areas to optimise the way it works.

The Group’s statutory report on corporate governance includes a full list of the recommendations, together with our comments with regard to each recommendation.

Further information is available in the statutory reports on corporate governance , cf. Section 107b of the Danish Financial Statements Act.