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Carlsberg Research Laboratory

"The principal task of The Carlsberg Laboratory shall be to develop as complete a scientific basis as possible for malting, brewing and fermenting operations." - J.C. Jacobsen, founder of Carlsberg

Mastering the art of science to discover, improve and enlighten


What started as a quest to develop a scientific basis for malting, brewing and fermentation, is today a world-leading laboratory for brewing-oriented research. We think, study and innovate brewing every day. From the breeding of crops to the end product, we have it all under one roof with the independence to never be afraid to head into the unknown.

By pushing the boundaries of brewing with a pioneering spirit to enable novel, better and more sustainable solutions, we develop breakthrough innovations for Carlsberg to seize the known and unknown future. With an endless thirst for progress, we unite curious scientists with skilled brewers and visionary entrepreneurs to form a powerhouse that creates new and better brews.

But while it is our business to perfect the art of brewing, it is our fundamental duty to inspire the advancement of society at large. From the invention of the pH-scale to breeding new climate-tolerant plant types, our science is not just brewed into better beer – it is brewed into a better world. Like great beer, great knowledge is meant to be shared.

We are the Carlsberg Research Laboratory. We discover. To pioneer and claim unexplored territories. We improve. To optimize and set new standards for quality. We enlighten. To inspire new practices for the betterment of science, the industry and the planet.

All to ensure that we perfect the art of brewing.

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Carlsberg Research Lab invents ultra-fast breeding technology to develop the crops of the future

Scientists at Carlsberg Research Laboratory have invented the non-GMO breeding method FIND-IT to e.g. enhance yields, climate tolerance and quality of crops.


Rebrewing the first quality beer using Carlsberg's original purified yeast

Our scientists have miraculously been able to extract living yeasts cells from one of the first Carlsberg beers - a 133-year-old bottle - and took it upon themselves to recreate the original Carlsberg lager from 1883, using the original pure yeast.

Barley for better brewing

Scientists at the Carlsberg Research Laboratory have developed new types of barley that cut carbon by reducing the amount of energy and synthetic inputs needed for the malting and brewing processes – achieving the desired flavour with less kilning, evaporation and filtration.

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The invention of the pH scale

The invention of the pH scale

With the invention of the pH scale, Carlsberg could ensure high quality of every beer. The applications of the pH scale have since been countless throughout all fields. 

The discovery of how to purify yeast

The discovery of how to purify yeast

In 1883, Emil Chr. Hansen, head of the physiology department of the Carlsberg Research, made a ground-breaking discovery that would revolutionize the brewing industry.

Sequencing the barley genome

Sequencing the barley genome

Scientists from Carlsberg Research Laboratory have, together with other researchers from the International Barley Genome Sequencing Consortium, successfully finalized the genome sequence of barley.