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Together Towards ZERO and Beyond: Case Stories

Read case stories from around the world, and find out what we’re doing to go Towards ZERO and Beyond.

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Welcoming women to brewing careers

In Norway, our local business Ringnes has established a scholarship programme aimed at bolstering the careers of women professionals in Norway’s beer industry. 

A new regenerative brew for the UK

Our journey towards 100% regenerative barley in the UK has begun. In 2023, CBMC contracted 23 UK farmers to grow regeneratively grown barley. 

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Lightweighting our cans together with Ball

Our cans are getting lighter and so is their environmental footprint. Together with Ball we're partnering on a roadmap to reduce impact from our cans.

Drinking from wooden cups

Soon, music and sports enthusiasts in Switzerland will be drinking beer from renewable, compostable wooden cups.

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Putting water on tap in Cambodia

Our local brewery, Cambrew Ltd, has partnered with TapEffect to bring safe drinking water to thousands of Cambodians in need.

Pioneering a new model for renewables in the Baltics

In Lithuania, our local brewery, Švyturys-Utenos Alus, is going beyond with a new power purchase agreement (PPA) increasing the country’s renewable capacity.

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Introducing Alcohol-Free Brews in Laos

Lao Brewery Company Ltd., a leading beverage company in Laos, has introduced alcohol-free alternatives to the market under the concept of “Free Feels Good”.

Protecting Swiss waters

Our Swiss beer brand Feldschlösschen is committed to the renaturation, purification and protection of the lakes and rivers that play a vital role in Switzerland’s ecosystems and beautiful landscape.

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Brewing with the heat of the Greek sun

It takes almost three times as much thermal power as electricity to produce our beer. But solutions for renewable heat are not yet widely available.

Underwater bar highlights perils of drinking at sea

In 2022, Carlsberg Sweden highlighted a serious problem in Sweden: the risks of drinking at sea during the summer boating season.

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Barley for better brewing

Scientists at the Carlsberg Research Laboratory have developed new types of barley that cut carbon by reducing the amount of energy and synthetic inputs needed for the malting and brewing processes – achieving the desired flavour with less kilning, evaporation and filtration.

Boosting rice yields sustainably in Laos

Over the last three years, we have been working with 30 farmers in Laos to trial more sustainable farming methods for growing rice as a raw material for our local brews.

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Electrifying the warehouse shuttle in Sweden

Regular short journeys between breweries and nearby warehouses provide an excellent setting for electric vehicles because trucks can recharge as they wait.


Carlsberg Malaysia advocates the importance of responsible drinking by rolling-out a month-long #CelebrateResponsibly campaign at its sponsored music festivals throughout the country.

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Regenerative farming in Finland

KOFF Christmas beer, produced at our carbon-neutral Sinebrychoff brewery, is the most popular Christmas beer in Finland. It contains a very special barley from regenerative practices.

Carlsberg Group joins the Planet Pledge

In 2021, Carlsberg Group joined major consumer businesses and advertisers from around the world in signing up to the World Federation of Advertisers' Planet Pledge.

Together, we will deliver change in our own organisations and supply chains that contributes to the global Race to Zero campaign to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

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Creating a green lung in Athens with FIX Hellas

The historical FIX Park located in the heart of Athens has been transformed into a green “oasis” with the support of the Greek Local Power Brand FIX Hellas.

Standing up for LGBTQ+ rights

In New York City, Brooklyn Brewery has been a proud partner of the Stonewall Inn since 2017, when the brewery was asked to create a beer to help raise awareness, generate funds and create real change for the LGBTQ+ community and the nonprofit The Stonewall Inn Gives Back Initiative (SIGBI).

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Promoting safe driving in Latvia

Safe driving saves lives. GO, the alcohol-free brand from our Aldaris brewery, is bringing this message home to consumers in Latvia, which has one of the worst road accident records in Europe.

Planting seeds of hope by restoring seagrass in the UK

Our Carlsberg brand is partnering with WWF in the UK to restore this precious resource and raise climate awareness through a high-profile consumer campaign.

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Carbon-neutral brewing in Finland

Sinebrychoff in Finland is the oldest brewery in the Nordic countries and our latest to achieve carbon neutrality. It is the first of the large Finnish breweries to accomplish this milestone and also the world’s first carbon-neutral bottler of Coca-Cola.

Launching glass bottles with up to 90% lower carbon impact

A partnership with glass bottle supplier, Encirc, could take us a step closer towards a ZERO Carbon Footprint, with a trial demonstrating the possibility to cut the carbon impact of glass bottles by up to 90%.

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Kayaking to clean the oceans

GreenKayak is an environmental NGO that engages volunteers in the fight against environmental pollution while kayaking. We have proudly sponsored fleets in three countries, starting in 2018.

Snap. An innovation to reduce plastic

We’re constantly trying to make everything about our beers better. Snap Pack is one of the results. It replaces shrink wrap and plastic rings on multipacks, cutting both our plastic usage and carbon emissions.

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Increasing availability of alcohol-free beer

Our brands around the world are launching AFB variants of their popular beers to meet rising demand. In 2021, our AFB sales volume surged by a further 17%. Since 2015, our AFB sales have increased with 114% with all of our international premium beers and a third of all our brands now offering an alcohol-free option.

First heavy-duty electric trucks

In 2021, we introduced a fleet of 20 electric delivery trucks in Switzerland – the largest in the country. Renault report that this is their first contract on this scale in Europe, demonstrating that electric trucks are a commercial and operational reality. It was the result of investigations into alternatives to diesel for our fleets of trucks, to cut the carbon emissions of delivering our beer.


Improving water quality and access in Vietnam

In 2021, the Huda brand launched five additional projects focused on securing and stabilising community water sources. Together with the projects run over the previous two years, these will provide around 27,000 people with access to clean water.

Fiber Bottle Generation 2.0. One step closer.

Reducing our beer-in-hand carbon footprint means innovating across our packaging portfolio. And innovations are best achieved in partnership with other experts. The paper bottle company, Paboco, is helping us achieve breakthroughs in our Fibre Bottle project, developing the world’s first 100% bio-based beer bottle made from sustainably sourced wood fibres.

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Malaysia Drink Driving

Discouraging drink-driving with discounted rides in Malaysia

Our team in Malaysia is supporting government efforts to change consumer mindsets and behaviour, discouraging drink driving.

Halving water usage at Fredericia brewery

At our Fredericia brewery, Denmark, we are constructing a state-of-the-art water-recycling plant to reuse 90% of process wastewater – a result of a public-private partnership with DRIP. It will provide learnings for our breweries around the world.

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Promoting sustainable agriculture through crop innovation

Scientists at the Carlsberg Research Laboratory in Copenhagen have been exploring the boundaries of crop science and perfecting the art of brewing since 1876. Today, they are turning their attention to sustainable agriculture to reduce climate risks in our supply chain. 

Alcohol-free beer on tap

People are increasingly looking for great-tasting alcohol-free brews (AFB) as a positive choice. In 2019, we saw a 7% volume growth of our AFBs, with our brands now available in 69 markets. We couldn’t have achieved this without our partners.

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From Super Bock to Super Doc

During Covid-19, our teams around the world found ways to thank healthcare workers, support hospitality and their local communities, including Super Bock Group – a Carlsberg joint venture in Portugal.

Going for 1.5

We have had approved science-based targets aligned with the 1.5°C target within the Paris Agreement since 2017, and recently committed to achieve net zero in our value chain by 2040.

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Partnering to shrink our shared footprint

With 87% of our value chain carbon footprint outside our operations and direct control, partnering is key to reducing our beer-in-hand emissions.

Deposit return scheme launched in Latvia

On 1 February 2022, a national deposit return scheme was launched in Latvia for the first time. By the end of the year, 8,650 tonnes of packaging – around 228 million items – had been returned for reuse or recycling.

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Closing the loop for circular shrink wrap

We use plastic (polyethylene) shrink wrap in our breweries as secondary packaging to secure products to pallets for transport. We are partnering with our European supplier, Reborn Normandie, to make this shrink wrap circular.

Rethinking the barley supply chain

The barley used to make our Kronenbourg 1664 Blonde beer is changing.

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Supporting consumers' alcohol-free choices in Finland

Our Sinebrychoff Karhu brand in Finland ran a high-profile advertising campaign this year to support consumers’ choice to act responsibly and enjoy alcohol-free brews.

Promoting sober driving in Poland

In Poland, we have teamed up with experts and celebrities to run the public education campaign “Trzeźwo Myślę” – “I Think Soberly” – for the past six years.

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Securing our first off-site Power Purchasing Agreement

We have signed a ten-year contract to power our Fredericia brewery in Denmark with electricity from a new solar farm, expected to be operational from 2024.

Empowering drivers to spot and change unsafe behaviours

Road safety remains one of our biggest risks. Driving 25,000 miles a year on business is the third most dangerous work-related activity that anyone can be involved in.

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Encouraging people to become ambassadors for water in Vietnam

In Vietnam, our Huda brand launched a social media campaign to share water-saving tips and raise awareness of the importance of water security in rural Vietnam.

Turning brewing by-products into feed and fertiliser

The majority of our production waste is made up of spent grains and waste yeast – totalling around 1.3 million tonnes a year from our breweries around the world.

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Teamwork targets saving in China

Improving water efficiency does not always have to involve capital expenditure. At our Liangping brewery in China, changes in working practices have delivered excellent water savings at virtually no cost.

Towards a ZERO Accident Culture: Rolling out Health and Safety Days globally

At Carlsberg, we believe that all accidents are preventable. With the successful launch of Health and Safety Days, Carlsberg is taking steps towards a ZERO Accidents Culture.


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