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Community Engagement

Our ambition is to always engage our communities responsibly

As a company, we influence consumer decisions and behaviours, and we work with suppliers, customers and partner organisations in wider ESG and philanthropic initiatives that impact consumers and community members' lives.

Whether we are engaging consumers and local communities through corporate or brand-led ESG initiatives, our ambition is to always engage them responsibly, by conducting appropriate local initiatives that create positive impacts and mutual benefits for Carlsberg and for wider society.

At the corporate level, for example, we work with local NGOs in high-risk areas to safeguard shared water resources, while we also conduct local, brand-led water initiatives - examples from Poland and Vietnam respectively focus on nudging sustainable water consumption habits and providing rural communities with access to clean water. In these examples and in general, community engagement implies the responsible engagement of local partners, authorities, consumers and wider community members.


Creating a green lung in Athens with FIX Hellas

With its 7,500 square meters, the FIX Park is a valuable lung of greenery in one of the most densely built and lively areas of the Greek capital.

Planting seeds of hope by restoring seagrass in the UK

Our Carlsberg brand is partnering with WWF in the UK to restore this precious resource and raise climate awareness through a high-profile consumer campaign. 

Protecting Swiss waters

Our Swiss beer brand Feldschlösschen is committed to the renaturation, purification and protection of the lakes and rivers that play a vital role in Switzerland’s ecosystems and beautiful landscape.

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Responsible Sourcing

Responsible Sourcing

Around the world, we collaborate with tens of thousands of suppliers. These business partners provide ingredients, packaging and logistics for our products, as well as other goods and services that keep our operations running. We seek suppliers who share our values and responsible approach to business.

Human Rights

Human Rights

At Carlsberg Group, respect for people is an essential part of how we do business. As a signatory of the UN Global Compact, we are committed to its 10 principles, which include human rights, and we are also committed to the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP) and conduct continuous due diligence against its criteria.

Living by our Compass

Living by our Compass

Live by our Compass is our approach to create a winning culture by defining common ethical behaviour that applies to all our employees.