1664 Blanc proudly unveils a new collaboration with Maison Kitsuné

Starting in June exclusively for Monoprix France, 1664 Blanc presents a limited-edition bottle with a unique and vibrant design in collaboration with the renowned multi-faceted lifestyle brand Maison Kitsuné.

In this collaboration, the design on 1664 Blanc bottle by Maison Kitsune embodies the audacity and playful elegance of 1664 Blanc and will be available exclusively at Monoprix France for a limited period from June to October 2023.

Founded in 2002, Maison Kitsuné draws inspiration from both the French and Japanese cultures and offers a unique art de vivre through contemporary ready-made clothes collection. For 1664 Blanc, Maison Kitsuné delivers a stylish yet bold and colourful graphic design.

Inspired by famous artists’ bonding techniques, the artwork gives a design object with a strong identity combining intensity and pureness. 1664 Blanc’s ubiquitous playful elegance is expressed through free and limitless patterns and colours that embody posh timelessness. The range of vibrating colours highlights the creativity and enthusiastic spirit of the brand.

On the other hand, the juxtaposition of graphic and defined forms conveys modernity with a hint of eccentricity. And so, the design reveals a perfect unstructured balance, where each element spreads from the other for better harmonisation.

Fanny Céré, Group leader 1664 France, says:

“We are fascinated by the result we achieved with this design. Maison Kitsuné reinterpreted 1664 Blanc in an iconic, colourful and playful way."

The encounter between Maison Kitsuné and 1664 Blanc glorifies 1664 Blanc’s iconic blue bottle by making it a playful and audacious work of art.


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