Brooklyn Brewery and Spike Lee collaborate to create global campaign

Two forces synonymous with Brooklyn, present vibrant new brand film that brings taste of Brooklyn’s iconic culture and beer scene to the world.


Spike DDB, the creative agency founded by globally acclaimed filmmaker Spike Lee, has partnered with pioneering craft brewer, Brooklyn Brewery, to create a campaign that champions the heart and soul of Brooklyn, New York. Premiering today in the UK, and then rolling out across most of Carlsberg Group’s markets in Europe, the new brand film will be supported by a multi-million-dollar global campaign across TV, digital, out of home, and social media. The new campaign is another example of Carlsberg Group’s strategic investments to accelerate growth in the premium beer segment.

Spike Lee's legacy goes back to 1988 when he directed the legendary Michael Jordan for Nike. Since then, his insight as an independent filmmaker, directing films including BlacKkKlansman (2018), Malcolm X (1992) and landmark film Do the Right Thing (1989), has reshaped the filmmaking landscape with disruptive content that represents creative and culturally diverse audiences.

Featuring a cameo from Spike Lee himself, the short film is set around a bustling Brooklyn block and bodega, alongside symbols of New York culture and community. It showcases the character of Brooklyn, inviting viewers to discover a taste of the iconic borough’s creativity, diversity, and character through Brooklyn Brewery’s innovative portfolio of flavourful beers.

Through captivating storytelling, dynamic visuals, and casting real Brooklynites, it immerses audiences in the electric energy and spirit of the borough, and its rich cultural heritage. Walking in the shoes of actress and Brooklyn native, Lake Escobosa, viewers are led through subway platforms, block parties and narrow bodega aisles, alongside Brooklyn Brewery beers.

Talking about the brand film, Spike Lee says: "From Basquiat to Biggie, Streisand to Stanwyck, Brooklyn has always been a beacon for visionaries. Spike DDB is a diverse collective of creative storytellers and filmmaking alchemists, changing perceptions and providing inspiration to keep culture moving in a progressive direction.

“A trailblazer of innovation and creativity in the heart of Brooklyn, the synergy we have with Brooklyn Brewery is obvious and strong. From brewing beer to directing films, Brooklyn is the creative foundation that inspires our work, and partnering allows us the opportunity to tell the stories of the neighbourhood and bring the Brooklyn State of Mind to the world.”

The film is directed by husband-and-wife creative filmmaking duo Radha Ganti and Robert Lopuski, known as King She. Winning multiple awards at Cannes since 2022, King She’s recent work includes directing for Jay-Z, Adidas, and Spotify, as well as the 2023 Apple Music & Rihanna Super Bowl halftime show.

When speaking to the vision for the film, King She said: “As long-time residents of Brooklyn, we were excited about making a film in our backyard. Brooklyn is a world unto itself, and the borough has an essence that’s unmistakable and infectious.”

“Each of Brooklyn Brewery’s beers has its own personality and story to tell, inspired by cultural references and nuances of life in Brooklyn. The storytelling opportunities are endless, but the mission was simple, to catch the rhythm of a true local, immersed in the neighbourhood, capturing the contagious pulse and rich texture of Brooklyn.”

Led by award-winning Brewmaster Garrett Oliver, also set to cameo in the film, Brooklyn Brewery has become a global symbol of craftsmanship and innovation in the beer industry. Collaborating with brewers, innovators, and artists from around the world, the brewery takes a flavourful taste of Brooklyn beyond the borough – from classic styles to bold experiments.

Since it was founded in 1988, Brooklyn Brewery has grown into a globally recognised brand, and is now sold in 30 countries across five continents.

In 2023, it achieved another significant milestone in its history, becoming the official beer of the world’s largest green fields music festival, Glastonbury, and this year, in an industry-first, Brooklyn Brewery introduced ‘Brewing For Impact’; a collaboration with breweries from around the world, including global industry leaders Guinness and Carlsberg, to brew a series of beers using the ancient West-African grain, fonio.

Irina Darling Fonjga, Brooklyn Brewery’s Global Marketing Manager says: “Together with Spike DDB, we are excited to share stories from Brooklyn with the world in an authentic way that is as bold, creative, and diverse as our brand, and the borough we come from.

“Our ambition is to deliver a taste of Brooklyn across the globe, and this campaign does that perfectly. Spike DDB and King She have authentically captured the character of Brooklyn, showcasing our flavourful selection of Brooklyn Brewery beers, which will drive awareness and trial among consumers and key customers.”


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