Carlsberg Group Receives Lighthouse Award for World’s Most Water Efficient Brewery

Carlsberg Group has been named as recipients of the 2021 Lighthouse Awards for a revolutionary water recycling plant inaugurated in 2021, which will make the Fredericia brewery in Denmark the most water efficient brewery in the world.

The winning Lighthouse organisations, named so because they are shining a light for others to follow, have developed new ways of using technology, finance or partnerships, including circularity in their practice, to reduce their impact in waterstressed regions, or build resilience in their local water systems.

The revolutionary technology at Fredericia Brewery recycles 90% of the process water, and will halve water use from 2.9hl per hl of beer to just 1.4 hl/hl, saving around 500 million litres a year. By processing the water to generate biogas and recirculating hot water, the plant is also expected to cut brewery energy consumption by around 10%. The learnings will support Carlsberg to reach its target to virtually eliminate water waste globally by 2030.

Paul O’Callaghan, Founder of Brave Blue World Foundation, commented: “The Lighthouse Awards honour the pioneers who are embracing water innovation to make tangible changes within their organisation or community. It is also an opportunity for us to raise greater awareness of the remarkable work happening in the global water community. The achievements of our 2021 recipients show us what is possible when bold ambitions are supported and enabled. We are proud to celebrate the stories of these visionaries who are showing us the way to a sustainable water future.”

Victor Shevtsov, EVP Integrated Supply Chain, Carlsberg Group, added: “This award is great recognition for the work of our colleagues, developing a public-private partnership to implement world-first technology at our Fredericia brewery. The learnings we take from this will be key to meeting our target to eliminate water waste everywhere we brew, and I look forward to sharing more on the way towards zero.”

The Lighthouse Awards were launched by the Brave Blue World Foundation in December 2020, following the release of its documentary Brave Blue World, which highlights the urgency of the global water crisis and the pioneers who are building sustainable solutions.


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