Carlsberg Sverige drives progress towards a ZERO Carbon Footprint by investing heavily in electric trucks

Now the work begins on electrifying all beverage transportation between Carlsberg Sverige’s brewery in Falkenberg, the water factory in Ramlösa, and the transshipment terminals in Gothenburg, Malmö and Helsingborg. The sustainable transport solution for southern and western Sweden has been developed together with the freight mobility company Einride, to make joint progress towards a ZERO Carbon Footprint.

Carlsberg Sverige works continuously to reduce the carbon footprint in all parts of the business, driving local actions and results towards Carlsberg Group’s ambition for a ZERO Carbon Footprint. Now the next step is taken, with electrified transportation being deployed between the brewery in Falkenberg and the transshipment terminals in Gothenburg, Malmö, and Helsingborg. In addition, transportation from the packaging company Ball in Malmö, with aluminium cans to Falkenberg and Ramlösa, as well as transportation from Ramlösa to Falkenberg and some direct distribution from Falkenberg to wholesale customers in Halmstad, is being electrified.

Peter Hammarstedt, CEO of Carlsberg Sverige, says:

“We started our collaboration with Einride in the fall of 2022, when we electrified the heavy warehouse transportation in Halland. In the spring of 2023, we expanded the collaboration by adding another electric truck that runs daily between Falkenberg and Ramlösa. Now we are taking the next step by making a big investment in a sustainable transport solution for the southern and western parts of Sweden, which will significantly contribute to a reduction of our carbon footprint and push our progress towards a net ZERO value chain."

A total of eight crews, consisting of electric trucks with trailers (51 pallet spaces per crew), will drive the routes. Charging infrastructure will be installed by Einride at strategic locations, including the brewery in Falkenberg and at the water factory in Ramlösa, allowing the trucks to charge while being loaded and unloaded. The first electric trucks will hit the roads in the autumn of 2024.

The electric truck fleet will be operated, planned, optimized, and monitored by the mobility platform Einride Saga. The expanded partnership is expected to electrify approximately 7,650,000 transport kilometers in five years, representing a saving of almost 12,300 tonnes CO2, compared to diesel trucks. Which is equivalent of taking 428 diesel cars, driving 200 kilometers a day for a year, off the road.*

Carl Ceder, VP Nordics at Einride, says:

“At Einride, we strive for collaborations with forward-thinking companies to actively reduce global carbon emissions. It is a pleasure to work with customers like Carlsberg Sverige and assist them on their journey towards sustainable freight, proving together that the time has come for a large-scale transformation of heavy transportation, even over longer distances. Carlsberg dares to challenge old truths and break new ground through digitization and electrification, to create real change."

Since the transition to electric transportation with Einride, Carlsberg Sverige has succeeded in reducing transport emissions by up to 95% compared to routes previously ran on diesel.*

*Calculations from Einride


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