The lifestyle brand 1664 Blanc shares latest ‘Good Taste with a Twist’ campaign

1664 Blanc, has recently launched their campaign “Good Taste With a Twist” which depicts life on ‘Rue 1664’, a world of French luxury and elegance, where playful twists and visual tricks surprise the viewer whilst also hinting at the uniquely smooth character of the beer and inviting them to taste its citrus twist for themselves.

Fold7 has co-created this new international campaign together with 1664 Blanc, which will be taken to key markets across Asia, North America, and Eastern and Central Europe. 

Central to the campaign is a collaboration with Facebook, with whom Fold7 worked closely to create interactive and immersive assets. Leaning into this social-first approach, the campaign uses short formats to gradually reveal the world, giving snapshots of life on Rue 1664 as we see effortlessly elegant wardrobe transformations, incredibly smooth beer deliveries, and moustachioed French bulldogs with a style of their own. The full story is then told in a 30” film, directed by Martin Aamund at Papaya, which will run on TV and digital.

In print, a chaise lounge in the shape of the brand’s standout blue bottle or as a perfume atomiser in the shape of a lemon convey the beer’s signature flavour with the same playfully elegant twist.

Steve Stringer, Carlsberg VP Craft & Speciality said: “We’re excited to share this next phase of work from the ‘Good Taste with a Twist’ platform, reinforcing the beer’s playfully elegant, aspirational lifestyle positioning.”


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