E.C. Dahls Reina Saison

E.C. Dahls Reina Saison

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E.C. Dahls Reina Saison

Saison is a Belgian beer style brewed on farms as a refreshing thirst-quencher for the seasonal workers that worked during summer. Taste probably varied but it should preferably be dry in style and not have too much alcohol for various reasons.

Our brewmaster Wolfgang Lindell and his team had a wish to brew a saison with a little twist. They wanted to spice it up with a dry hops with a fruity character. On a visit to E.C. Dahls' sister brewery (Brooklyn Brewery in New York), Wolfgang found what he was looking for; the Ella hops was the perfect match for the fruity notes in our Belgian yeast. And when Wolfgang smashed the hops in his hands to smell, it was clear that it should be followed by another hops variety - Bravo! Bravo is used in our Bolt IPA and has become a hops variety we have grown very fond of. The Belgian yeast gives a nice finish and the beer smells slightly yeasty. The taste brings a modern sweet fruitiness with notes of banana and tropical fruits. It features floral and elderflower notes with a hint citrus from the hops. The hops and yeast aroma is balanced and the brew slightly bitter. The wheat gives a mild creamy texture. The beer has a longlasting aftertaste.

Food Pairings

Reina Saison is brewed as a thirst-quencher. But at the same time, we also wanted it to be suitable with food like white fish or smoked mackerel. You can also try it out with pork. Pairs nicely with white cheeses, such as camembert or brie, or with a mild white goat cheese.