E.C. Dahls Store Bjørn Juleøl

E.C. Dahls Store Bjørn Juleøl

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E.C. Dahls Store Bjørn Juleøl

This Christmas beer is a tribute; a tribute to, first for all, another traditional drink which is part of Christmas in Norway, namely the aquavit, and secondly, a tribute to the Lysholm family, who has meant a lot to both the E.C. Dahls brewery and the Norwegian aquavit.

The brewmasters wanted to create a brew with the traditional aquavit spices: cumin, star anise, orange peel, fennel seeds and coriander seeds. On the basis of this, they wanted to brew a type of beer similar to a robust Belgian triple with a distinct phenolic touch from the yeast that could go well in hand with the spices. The barrels are from 1930 and used to contain Lysholm Linie Aquavit. The remnants of the aquavit hanging in the wood in turn affect the taste of the beer.

Store Bjørn Christmas Beer has a golden colour and a dense foam. The aroma is clearly marked by notes of Belgian yeast, which gives the beer a fruity seasoning touch, as well as spice notes from the aquavit spices. The beer is full-bodied, complex with a rich taste. The taste is characterised by aquavit spices and the barrel maturation with a nice balance between spices, oak and aquavit. The beer has a subtle sweetness and a long lasting aftertaste.

Food Pairings

This beer is brewed for Norwegian Christmas food, such as rib roast, pork and lamb. Also goes well with salmon with a spicy mustard sauce.