E.C. Dahls York IPA

E.C. Dahls York IPA

Beer type:
India Pale Ale
Brand Origin:
E.C. Dahls York IPA

India Pale Ale is gradually becoming a well-known beer type among the vast majority of beer drinkers. York IPA is a session IPA. Session is a term used by brewers to describe beers with a lower alcohol level than what usually characterises a certain beer type. The brewing of session emerged with a wish to quench thirst with something that did not have too high of an alcohol content. York IPA is even so a beer with a distinctive hoppy character.

During a visit to E.C. Dahl's sister brewery (the Brooklyn Brewery in New York) our brewmaster Wolfgang Lindell became acquainted with the hop type El Dorado. He immediately wanted to brew with it. He also thought it would balance nicely against the hop varieties cascade and mosaic and, as you may have guessed, these three are used when we dry-hop York IPA. Dry-hopping implies that hops are added in the last phase of brewing to add more of a hop aroma.

York IPA has a fresh aroma characterised by citrus fruits like mandarin and grapefruit; a pure and crips aroma that also contains a tropical hint. The taste is also crisp and citrusy with a balanced bitterness. 

Food Pairings

To be enjoyed either without food or with hamburgers, pizza or hot sandwiches.