Okocim Polskie Ale

Okocim Polskie Ale

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Okocim Polskie Ale

We always brew our beer with our loved ones and friends in mind as they will have the first try. The same is true with our Polish Ale. The Ale as a beer type has existed for centuries and is popular in many countries. Yet in Poland it hasn't been recognised yet. Our Okocim Polskie Ale has been brewed so that it retains the best in this genre combined with the unique taste of our beers, to make it popular both here, in Okocim, and throughout Poland. Therefore, when drinking the Polish Ale, you will find a wealth of aromas typical for top-fermented beers, but you'll also find that they provide light and pleasant sensations. Thanks to cold hopping with Cascade hops you can feel a delicate aroma of citrus. But don't take our word for it - taste for yourself!