Raudonų Plytų Bocmano Ūsai

Raudonų Plytų Bocmano Ūsai

Beer type:
India Pale Ale
Brand Origin:
Raudonų Plytų Bocmano Ūsai

To those who say ‘all beer is too bitter’ - this beer will prove what a truly bitter beer is. It’s an IPA (INDIA PALE ALE) which showcases hops and bitterness. This beer is brewed with loads of hops, which give it not only bitterness, but also a fruity taste and aroma typical to the American hop varieties. Just to be sure we get the hoppiest taste, we add more hops during the aging process. This excessive use of hops will surely make a boatswain’s moustache curl from the strong hoppy aroma.