Raudonų Plytų Jam Session

Raudonų Plytų Jam Session

Beer type:
Belgian Ale
Brand Origin:
Raudonų Plytų Jam Session

This beer is not just a beer. This beer is an event. It is brewed in Klaipeda, but its roots are somewhere between Klaipeda and Brooklyn. Its style – belgian. Just like in a music improvisation, everything intertwines; when one begins, another steps in, and you’re not sure anymore who is in the lead, but you like what you hear. So this is what happened – we were visited by Garrett Oliver, the conductor of one of the world’s most known craft breweries ‘Brooklyn Brewery’. He is a man without whom the world of beer would be bland, beer would not have its own encyclopedia, and we would not have our inspiration. He did not only visit us, but together we brewed – a 10.5ABV Belgian ale, brewed not with water but 10,000 litres of birch sap, several Belgain malts, sugar and Belgian yeast. The beer is unpasteurized, hence it will continue to develop in the bottle, so keep it cool and dark.