Raudonų Plytų Ungurio Kojos

Raudonų Plytų Ungurio Kojos

Beer type:
European Lager
Brand Origin:
Raudonų Plytų Ungurio Kojos

Ungurio Kojos (legs of an eel); yes, it is a lager beer, which all the craft beer lovers abroad go wild for. The use of caramel malt gives it a richer colour and the use of Millenium and Cascade hops give it that slight hoppy accent. Cascade hops refer to an American hop variety, which no experimenting microbrewery could do without. We add these hops during the beer’s aging process and the result is a session beer with a strong blackcurrant flavour. It’s different, but not scary. Just like an eel, walking down a pier.