Ringnes Imperial Polaris

Ringnes Imperial Polaris

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Ringnes Imperial Polaris

Ringnes Brewery was founded in 1876 by Amund and Ellef Ringnes, together with investor Axel Heiberg. The Ringnes brothers enjoyed hiking, fishing and hunting and had an interest in Norwegian culture, sports and science. When the Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen went on an expedition to the North Pole in 1893, the founders of Ringnes, together with Thomas Fearnley, became ship owners of the expedition and provided provisions and capital. Ringnes Imperial Polaris is a doppelbock brewed in the honour and memory of this expedition. In 2012, the beer was brewed in collaboration with Brooklyn Brewery’s brewmaster Garreth Oliver using Norwegian honey, American hops, dried orange peel and cold brewed coffee. Only one batch was brewed and it is no longer available.

Ringnes Imperial Polaris has a beautiful, dark colour with a ruby red hue. The aroma is complex with notes of caramel, chocolate, honey, dried fruit and port wine. The taste is full and complex with a rich maltiness and a smooth bitterness.

Food Pairings

Ringnes Imperial Polaris is best shared with a friend, enjoyed in a snifter glass. It will pair nicely with brisk desserts or chocolate.