Ringnes LITE Mørk Pilsner

Ringnes LITE Mørk Pilsner

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Ringnes LITE Mørk Pilsner

The founders of Ringnes, Amund and Ellef Ringnes, were famous for their scientific curiosity and were among the first in Norway to establish a quality laboratory on the brewery site. In 2012, the gluten free Ringnes LITE was released. In 2016, Ringnes LITE Mørk Pilsner (Dark Pilsner) was introduced to the market, as a darker, maltier and richer alternative to the regular LITE. The beer is approved by NCF as gluten free and like Ringnes LITE, it has 70% less carbohydrates and 30% less calories than a regular Ringnes Pilsner.

Ringnes LITE Dark Pilsner has a light, nutbrown colour and a full foam with scents of toast, caramel and a slight fruitiness. The taste is mild with a hint of nuts and roastiness, as well as a smooth bitterness.

Food Pairings

Perfect with barbecue, pork dishes and chicken.