Ringnes LITE

Ringnes LITE

Beer type:
Pale Lager
Brand Origin:
Ringnes LITE

The founders of Ringnes, Amund and Ellef Ringnes, were famous for their scientific curiosity and were among the first in Norway to establish a quality laboratory on the brewery site. In 2012, a gluten free Ringnes LITE was developed by the head of research at Ringnes, Tore Hage, in collaboration with the Norwegian Celiac Disease Foundation (NCF). The beer was the first gluten free beer approved by the NCF. In addition, it has 70% less carbohydrates and 30 % less calories than a regular Ringnes Pilsner.

The beer has a beautiful golden colour with a light, balanced aroma of straw, hay and a hint of sweet apple. The taste is light with a malty sweetness reminiscent of hay and straw, nicely balanced with a smooth bitterness.

Food Pairings

Ringnes LITE is a good match with traditional and modern Norwegian food.