Rød Tuborg

Rød Tuborg

Beer type:
Seasonal Brews, Lager
Brand Origin:
Rød Tuborg

Tuborg Red was Tuborg's very first beer, originally brewed for the first time in 1875 under the name lager beer. It quickly was given the nickname 'Tuborger.' Later, the brew became popularly know as 'Red' and before long, lager beer was never called anything other than Red Tuborg.

Despite loyal supporters, the sales of Red Tuborg are not high enough for it to stay on the Danish market and therefore, in 2002, it is taken out of production completely. After several years of absence and at the request of customers and consumers, Red Tuborg is relaunched in 2007 on the occasion of Tuborg's birthday on May 13.  Since then, Red Tuborg has been on the market every year during the month of May to mark the birthday of Tuborg.

Red Tuborg is a dark, bottom-fermented lager beer that comes from Barvaria in Germany. Red Tuborg is a so-called all-malt beer, meaning that only malt and no raw grains (maize) are used. Four types of malt is used: münchener malt, pilsner malt and a bit of caramel and color malt. Together, these ingredients give the Tuborg yeast the distinctive reddish color, a very rich flavor and a rich foam. Ever since 1875, the Red Tuborg recipe has stayed the same.