Wiibroe Årgangsøl

Wiibroe Årgangsøl

Beer type:
Strong Pilsner, Speciality
Brand Origin:
Wiibroe Årgangsøl

Wiibroe Vintage Beer is brewed on the basis of the pilsner malt. By adding brewing syrup during the process, a higher sugar content is achieved, which, during fermentation, gives the very high alcohol strength of 10.6% ABV.

Wiibroe Vintage Beer has a dark golden colour and a clear foam crown. The taste is fresh and tart, combined with a mild sweetness. The aroma is like a mildly spiced meadow, resulting from the extra adding of hops.

In 1989, Wiibroe Vintage Beer was launched with an ABV of 8.9%. In the following years, the ABV rose 0.1% every year until 2000 when Wiibroe reached a solid 10.6%. Today, it is one of the strongest speciality beers in Denmark.  

For more than 25 years, the Vintage Beer has been decorated by various danish artist, each of which have given their take on how the Vintage Beer's label should look like.

Food Pairings

Suitable for boiled cod and oysters.