Žatecký Světlý Ležák

Žatecký Světlý Ležák

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Žatecký Světlý Ležák

Beer Žatecký Světlý Ležák is brewed according to a recipe created by Tomas Lejsek, a wellknown Czech brewmaster. This recipe is distinctive because of the use of unique hops from Žatec. It gives the beer a mildly bitter taste and a well-balanced aroma.

The Żateckie hop, also called Saaz, dates back to the first half of the eleventh century. In 1261 a brewery was formed in Žatec that brewed beer valued for its "extraordinary virtues, essence and power". In the eighteenth century, there were already 30 malthouses and 4 breweries. At present, Zatecky hops are still grown only in the area of ​​Žatec on the surface of only 40 km2. This hop is recognised by beer professionals as one the best in the world. Thanks to its universal taste characteristics, it aspires to the status of the classic hops used to brew beer in Pilsen style.