Snap Pack

Frequently asked questions

What is Snap Pack?

Snap Pack is an innovative beer multipack which holds Carlsberg cans together with glue instead of being wrapped in shrink wrapping or plastic rings.

How much plastic will Snap Pack save?

It will eliminate up to 76% of the plastic used in traditional multipacks. When fully implemented, this is predicted to reduce plastic waste by more than 1,200 tonnes globally – equivalent to eliminating 60 million plastic bags per year.

What happens to the glue after consuming the beer?

The glue should remain on the can after finishing the beer. The can should be sent for recycling as usual.

Does the glue affect the recycling of cans?

No. Our tests show that the glue will not affect the recycling of the cans.

If separated from the can, how should I dispose of the glue?

The glue should remain on the cans after finishing the beer. Cans should be sent for recycling. If separated from the cans, the glue should be put in the domestic waste container, or in any plastic or general waste bins available.

How should I dispose of the handle?

The handle should be disposed of in either separate plastic recycling bins, or in domestic waste bins depending on local waste management practices.

Why have you not eliminated plastic completely?

We are reducing the plastic in traditional multipack by up to 76%. It is not yet possible to fully remove all the plastic, but we are working on this. In the meantime, we prefer to introduce the major improvements offered by Snap Pack.