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Drinking from wooden cups

Soon, music and sports enthusiasts in Switzerland will be drinking beer from renewable, compostable wooden cups.

In Switzerland, Feldschlösschen, our Swiss business, has teamed up with Swiss start-up Arboloom to trial innovative wooden cups as a potential alternative to the millions of single-use plastic cups vendors use to serve beers at festivals, concerts and sports events.  

The cups are made out of thin veneer, which requires very little processing as it is cut directly from the trunks of trees – a renewable resource. After use, the cups can be returned to the environment through composting, recycled into other products or incinerated as a renewable fuel source.

Across their lifecycle, these wooden cups have a carbon footprint three times smaller than single-use plastic cups.


“As the leader in the Swiss beer market, it is great to see that Feldschlösschen is partnering up with sustainable start-ups to get rid of one-way plastic by using locally produced, sustainable beer cups."

- Natalia Röthlisberger, CEO, Arboloom Cup AG

ZERO Packaging Waste

Within our ZERO Packagaing Waste initiative, we are working with suppliers on innovations that support our ambitions by reducing material use and introducing more renewable, reusable and recyclable packaging.

Customer perception and endorsement play a pivotal role in our ability to deliver sustainability benefits on a larger scale.

As part of the wooden cups trial, a survey involving 700 participants revealed a substantial preference of wooden cups over single-use plastic for their next beer, with a preference rate six times higher for the wooden cups.

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Rethinking packaging with the Fibre Bottle

Rethinking packaging with the Fibre Bottle

Reducing our beer-in-hand carbon footprint means innovating across our packaging portfolio. And innovations are best achieved in partnership with other experts. The paper bottle company, Paboco, is helping us achieve breakthroughs in our Fibre Bottle project, developing the world’s first 100% bio-based beer bottle made from sustainably sourced wood fibres.

Deposit return scheme launched in Latvia

Deposit return scheme launched in Latvia

On 1 February 2022, a national deposit return scheme was launched in Latvia for the first time. By the end of the year, 8,650 tonnes of packaging – around 228 million items – had been returned for reuse or recycling.

Closing the loop for circular shrink wrap

Closing the loop for circular shrink wrap

We use plastic (polyethylene) shrink wrap in our breweries as secondary packaging to secure products to pallets for transport. We are partnering with our European supplier, Reborn Normandie, to make this shrink wrap circular.