Olympic Brewery

Carlsberg Group in Greece

Olympic Brewery is a strong player in the Greek beer market. The company has two privately owned breweries, located in the area of Thessaloniki and Euboea, with an annual capacity of 2.2 million hl.

Olympic Brewery offers famous Greek beer brands such as Mythos, Mythos Radler, FIX Hellas, FIX alcohol Free, FIX Dark, Kaiser and Henninger. Additionally, Olympic carries world famous quality brands such as Carlsberg, Tuborg and Somersby cider.

Olympic Brewery employs approximately 450 people in Greece and has established a wide network of 90,000 different points of sale, including more than 2,000 partners and suppliers.

Key Facts

Breweries: 2
Market Position: 2
Market Share: 30%


Olympic Brewery S.A.
59 Elaion Str., Nea Kifissia, 14564, Attica Greece

T +30 210 6675 200  
F +30 210 6675 297


Managing Director, Olympic Brewery S.A.

Dejan Beko

Media Relations

HR Director, Olympic Brewery S.A.

Maria Kafentzi

Tel +30 210 66 75 291 Email

Key Dates

1968 Founding of Henninger Hellas S.A., by Henninger Brau AG Brewery of Frankfurt, Germany
1992 Greek Group of Companies 'Boutaris' assumes control of Henninger Hellas S.A
1997 Launch of the Greek beer, Mythos, which was the first that penetrated international markets becoming the consumers number one Greek beer of choice
2000 The Company is renamed as Mythos Brewery
2008 Carlsberg Group proceeds with the acquisition of Mythos Brewery
2015 The Company further enhances its position in Greece through the merger between Mythos Brewery and Olympic Brewery, the third largest brewer in the country under the name Olympic Brewery


Did you know that...?

  • FIX Hellas is the country’s most historic beer brand since mid-19th century.
  • The company’s HR Department was awarded a prestigious KPMG distinction for its top practices related to the smooth transition of the corporate philosophy in the merger between Mythos Brewery and Olympic Brewery.