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Olympic Brewery

Carlsberg Group in Greece

With steady pace, extroversion, innovation and especially its people, Olympic Brewery is developing steadily, contributing substantially to the development of the brewery sector in Greece. Olympic Brewery has 2 privately owned production units in Sindos and Ritsona, with annual production capacity of 2.1 mil. hlt., where 12 products are produced: FIX Hellas, FIX Dark, FIX Anef, Mythos, Mythos Radler, Mythos 0.0%, Mythos Ice , Kaiser, Henninger, Tuborg Soda, Tuborg Tonic Water and the Tuborg Lemon / Lime-Green Tea / Orange-Cinnamon Soda flavors.

Olympic Brewery uses an extensive network of partners, suppliers and points of sale throughout the country and abroad, with presence in more than 35 countries in 5 continents, serving thousands of consumers on a daily basis. At the same time, Olympic Brewery imports and distributes in Greece internationally recognized brands, such as: the Danish Carlsberg, the French Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc, the Irish beers Guinness and Kilkenny, the Belgian Grimbergen, the Italian Angelo Poretti, the Bavarian weissbier Schneider Weisse and Somersby cider.

Key Facts

Breweries: 2
Market Position: 2
Market Share: 30%


Olympic Brewery S.A.
59 Elaion Str., Nea Kifissia, 14564, Attica Greece

+30 210 6675 200  
+30 210 6675 297


Managing Director, Olympic Brewery S.A.

Dejan Beko

Media Relations

Communication Manager, Olympic Brewery S.A.

Jelina Souchla

Tel +30 210 66 75 316 Email [email protected]

Key Dates

1864 Ioannis Fix produces the first beer in Greece, giving as brand name his family’s name, FIX beer. For more than 1 century FIX is the synonym of beer in our country, as the favorite beer of all Greeks.
1997 Boutaris Group launches Mythos beer, which was the first that penetrated international markets becoming the consumers number one Greek beer of choice. Rename of the company to «Mythos Brewery» 3 years later.
2008 Carlsberg Group proceeds with the acquisition of Mythos Brewery.
2015 The Company further enhances its position in Greece through the merger between Mythos Brewery and Olympic Brewery, the third largest brewer in the country under the name Olympic Brewery.
2018 Carlsberg Group acquires the 100% of «Olympic Brewery» company.


Did you know that...?

  • FIX Hellas is the country’s most historic beer brand since mid-19th century.
  • The company’s HR Department was awarded a prestigious KPMG distinction for its top practices related to the smooth transition of the corporate philosophy in the merger between Mythos Brewery and Olympic Brewery.