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Carlsberg Kazakhstan

Carlsberg Group in Kazakhstan

With a population of 19 million people, the Kazakh beer market continues to grow. In 2021, the market recovered after a slight decline in 2020, despite the continued impact of quarantine restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The beer market has experienced 100% growth since 1999 and it offers strong growth and profit potential.

In 2003 Carlsberg entered the beer market of Kazakhstan after becoming majority shareholder in the local Irbis brewery (through the JV BBH). Later in 2003 Carlsberg acquired one more local brewery Ak-Nar, which produces the popular local beer Derbes. Later that same year these two breweries were merged into one on the production site of Ak-Nar Brewery. By 2006, the Ak-Nar Brewery was renamed into the Derbes Brewery Ltd.

Following the results of 2021, Carlsberg Kazakhstan took first place in the Kazakh beer market in volume in the Off-trade channel, reaching a share of 45.3%.The brewery production capacity is 2.3 million hL per year, the company employs over 450 people.

Today the Carlsberg Kazakhstan portfolio has more than 30 beer brands such as Carlsberg, 1664 Blanc, Holsten, Tuborg, Baltika, Zatecky Gus, Derbes, Irbis, Alma-Ata, etc. All brands hold strong leading positions in their segments of the market.

Key Facts

Breweries: 1
Market Position: 2


Carlsberg Kazakhstan
270 V, Kazybayev str., Almaty, 050014
Republic of Kazakhstan

Phone +7 (727) 321 01 00
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Managing Director, Carlsberg Kazakhstan

Viacheslav Maltsev

Media Relations

Senior Manager, GR& Corporate Affairs, Carlsberg Kazakhstan

Mariya Gorokhova

Tel +7 (727) 321 01 00 (ext. 289) Email [email protected]

Key Dates

1998 Launch of Irbis brand
1999 Derbes beer launched on the eve of Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan
2003 Carlsberg acquires total share capital of the Ak-Nar Brewery and merges it with Irbis brewery
2007 Launch of Tuborg Green, the first licensed beer in Derbes' portfolio
Carlsberg Kazakhstan becomes laureate of Kazakhstan Republic President's Prize "For achievements in the field of quality"
2008 Carlsberg Group acquires Scottish & Newcastle shares
2009 Carlsberg acquires 100% stake in Derbes Brewery
2010 Integration of Baltika Almaty, LLP to Derbes
2010 Company is re-named from Derbes to Carlsberg Kazakhstan
2011 Derbes beers receive three international quality awards – Gold Medal by Monde Selection, 2 Stars by iTQi, and Bronze by International Australian Beer Awards.


Did you know that...?

  • Irbis is the Old Turkic name of the rare snow leopard which lives in the high mountains of Kazakhstan. This noble and strong animal is untamed and wild by nature. The snow leopard is one of the national symbols of Kazakhstan and is placed on the arms of Almaty city, where the brewery is situated.