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Myanmar Carlsberg Company Limited

Carlsberg Group in Myanmar

On February 1st, 2013, the Carlsberg Group announced a joint venture with Myanmar Golden Star (MGS). The construction of a brewery commenced in October 2013 in Bago, a city 80 kilometers north of Yangon.

On May 7th 2015, the Carlsberg Group officially inaugurated its brewery, the first international brewery in Myanmar, marking the official beginning of Carlsberg's business operations in Myanmar.

In addition to Carlsberg beer, the Bago brewery also produces Tuborg and YOMA, a new local brand created to meet the needs and taste-profiles of Myanmar consumers. Managed by a capable team including skilled brewmasters from the Carlsberg Group and skilled local employees, the facility uses high-quality water, the famous Bago rice and imported raw materials, such as malt and hops.



Managing Director, Myanmar Carlsberg

Christoph Vavrik

Key Facts

Breweries: 1
Market Position: 4


Myanmar Carlsberg Co. Ltd.

No. 332 (A), Pyay Lane Thwe, North Maynigone

San Chaung Township, Yangon, Myanmar

Tel: +95 1 230 4466, +95 1 441 3448

Key Dates

2013 Carlsberg enters into a joint venture with Myanmar Golden Star (MGS) in Myanmar
2015 The Bago brewery in Myanmar is officially inaugurated; Tuborg and Yoma introduced to Myanmar consumers
2015 The Carlsberg brand is added to the portfolio of Myanmar Carlsberg
2017 Yoma Special Brew is the latest addition to the Myanmar Carlsberg portfolio with an ABV of 6.5%
2018 Yoma Extra Strong is the latest  addition to the Myanmar Carlsberg portfolio with an ABV of 8.0%

Did you know that...?

  • The Bago brewery is a green field state of the art brewery designed to be environmentally friendly
  • Bago rice is famed for its quality, and enhances the smoothness of Yoma Beer