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Carlsberg Srbija

Carlsberg Group in Serbia

Brewery Čelarevo was founded in 1892 by Lazar Dunđerski, landowner from Novi Sad. The brewery is situated in the city of Čelarevo 130 km north of Belgrade, and became part of the Carlsberg Group in 2003. Now called Carlsberg Srbija, it is one of the most successful examples of foreign investments in Serbia. Having a clear and active sustainability policy, it is an esteemed employer that continuously creates new jobs all over the country.

Its dedication to responsible privatization and direct investment is supported by a very clear and active Corporate Social Responsibility policy. As a company Carlsberg Srbija promotes Quality, Environment Protection and through its brands supports different aspects of the Serbian social life, such as football with LAV brand and progressive music with its international Tuborg brand. Also, Carlsberg Srbija is one of the leading investors in the country, contributing to the local and national economy and setting high standards for the brewing industry.

By applying highest quality standards, innovation and enthusiasm in everything they do, all Carlsberg Srbija employees are committed to continuously delight their consumers, customers and all other interested parties by providing top quality products and services.

Key Facts

Breweries: 1
Market Position: 3
Market Share: 21%


Carlsberg Srbija d.o.o.
Proleterska 17
21413 Čelarevo

Tel: +381 21 755 0646
Fax: +381 21 755 0658

E-mail: [email protected]


Managing Director, Carlsberg Srbija

Vladimir Vava

Media Relations

Communications Manager, Carlsberg Srbija

Jovana Mladenovic

Tel +381 62 11 30 943 Email [email protected]

Key Dates

1892 Brewery Čelarevo founded
2004 Carlsberg Group becomes the majority shareholder
2008 A Beer Museum dedicated to its founder Lazar Dunđerski opens at the brewery
2015 The Carlsberg & Dunđerski Foundation is established with the aim of supporting the development of science and education, cultural heritage preservation, environmental protection, as well as the raising of social awareness of current social issues.

Did you know that...?

  • LAV is one of the biggest brand in Serbia and the most popular beer brand of the Čelarevo brewery
  • The cleaning of Dunđerski Park was initiated by Carlsberg Srbija
  • A Beer Museum in Čelarevo was founded in 2008 and designed after the museum at Carlsberg headquarters in Copenhagen
  • Tuborg has initiated a global Tuborg Open Lives project that features a chatbot inviting consumers into the lives of celebrities and influencers