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Carlsberg UK

Carlsberg Group in UK

Carlsberg UK is the UK's fourth-largest brewer.

Carlsberg’s founder, J.C. Jacobsen first exported Carlsberg lager to the UK from Copenhagen in 1868, and Britain has remained a key market ever since. The UK built its reputation as Carlsberg’s most important export market before the decision was taken to open a brewery in Northampton in 1974.  In 1992, Carlsberg and Allied-Lyons - owners of Tetley's ale - merge brewing activities as Carlsberg - Tetley. The company was renamed Carlsberg UK in 2004, seven years after Carlsberg took total ownership.

Great Brands

Carlsberg UK produces and sells some of the UK’s best known and most loved brands. The Carlsberg portfolio includes Carlsberg, Carlsberg Export, Carlsberg 0.0%. Carlsberg UK also sells Somersby Cider, Tetley’s, Tuborg, San Miguel, and imports premium world beers including Mahou from Spain, Poretti from Italy and Brooklyn Brewery craft range from the United States.

Delivering More

In recent years, Carlsberg UK has extended its offering for pubs, bars and restaurants to include a wines and spirits division, Crown Cellars - offering over 750 wines & spirits, a craft beer range, Crafted - offering almost 40 variants of craft beer from all over the world, and a cask ale range, Tapsters - a collection of over 150 British ales.

Key Facts

Breweries: 1
Market Position: 4
Market Share: Around 11%


Carlsberg UK
Jacobsen House,
140 Bridge Street,
Northampton NN1 1PZ
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 1604 66 88 66


Managing Director, Carlsberg UK

Julian Momen

Key Dates

1868 Carlsberg brands first exported to the UK
1973 New Carlsberg Brewery built in Northampton
1992 Carlsberg and Allied Lyons merge brewing activities as Carlsberg-Tetley
2003 The company becomes Carlsberg UK
2013 Opening of new bottling line at Northampton Brewery

Did you know that...?

  • Carlsberg’s Northampton brewery was awarded the Financial Times Industrial Architecture Award in 1975. The brewery was designed by the Danish architect Knud Munk in the form of a Danish longship.
  • The slogan 'Probably the best lager in the world' was created in Northampton in the mid 1970s and after changing 'lager' to 'beer', Carlsberg has been using the slogan worldwide for many years.
  • Carlsberg was originally exported to the UK in 1860's and has grown in popularity since.