Magdi Batato

Nationality: Swiss
Year of birth: 1959

Magdi Batato is former Executive Vice President and Head of Operations, Nestlé with responsibility for procurement, Nestrade, manufacturing, supply chain, safety & health, quality management, engineering, agriculture & water resources, environmental sustainability and operations strategies. Currently, he is Chair of the IDH board (an NGO specialised in farmers’ livelihoods and overall sustainable value chains), executive in residence at the IMD business school, senior advisor with the Boston Consulting Group and advisor on the board of o9.

Magdi Batato has international experience from a global FMCG company and significant expertise within procurement and supply chain operations and efficiency, health & safety and sustainability, including environmental and human rights related matters. He has extensive knowledge of emerging markets, having held several positions across Asia, the Middle East and Africa. During this time, he was on the board of Nestlé companies which are publicly listed. In addition, he has a broad understanding of the assessment and management of business risks.