138 Carlsberg Group employees help shape what’s next for the company

Carlsberg Group is well underway with a new strategy replacing Sail ’22, and this time around, it is being co-created between the leadership teams and 138 employees on the ground from 31 different markets.

With the objective to bring diverse thinking into building the document that will guide Carlsberg’s work for the next five years, Carlsberg employees from all seniority levels have been part of the strategy development process. 138 in total, from 31 different countries and representing all functions from customer service to brand management and IT development.

“We’re comprising talents from all over Carlsberg Group, bringing their day-to-day knowledge and fresh ideas into the building of the strategy,” says Marcela Wiwe, Director, Group Strategy.

“The co-strategists started by assessing the current strategy, Sail ’22, impact for their local business or function, share learnings from what is happening around them as well as trends they see impacting the business and challenge the first draft of the future strategy. We are so proud of doing this together with all the amazing talent that we have in Carlsberg Group, bringing in all voices into the future of Carlsberg and with them developing an even stronger strategy” she adds.

The new strategy will be built on some of our greatest successes the last five years.

But we’re also broadening our horizon to ramp up growth, and the co-strategists have a huge role to play. After their first assessment was shared with the leadership team, new strategic priorities were added to the overall program for the company. During the second phase of the development, the insights from the co-strategists have been used as data points to drive the prioritization decisions.

“We’re very excited about this new approach, making this a true cooperation between everyone in our group, and to ensure that other voices than those from the Executive Committee and the extended leadership team will be heard,” says Cees ‘t Hart, CEO of Carlsberg Group.


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