Aviator and Carlsberg will democratize the lounge concept with a new lounge at Copenhagen Airport based on the concept, “beer, love and hoppiness.”

The goal of the new Carlsberg Aviator Lounge is to create a breathing space for travelers - regardless of ticket type - combined with Carlsberg's mindset to constantly do better and create interesting and sustainable beer-experiences.

Today, the new Carlsberg Aviator Lounge opens in the Copenhagen Airport. Instead of just servicing business-class travelers, the new Carlsberg Aviator Lounge is open to everyone and developed in line with Carlsberg's mindset to provide the best beer-experience possible.

“Today, it is no longer enough to service business-class travelers. Many other travelers want to sit comfortably and enjoy good food and drinks before traveling. Therefore, everyone must be welcome in the new Carlsberg Aviator Lounge. At the same time we wanted a lounge created in line with Carlsberg's mindset to constantly do better and be more sustainable”, says Lars Wrist-Elkjær, Managing Director of Aviator Denmark.

“When we started, we approached Carlsberg, who immediately  jumped on the idea of ​​democratizing the lounge experience. It is fully in line with Carlsberg's history and principles. The new lounge emphasizes Carlsberg's close connection with Danish culture and the pride many Danes experience when they encounter Carlsberg pilsner in the big world”, says Lars Wrist-Elkjær, Managing Director of Aviator Denmark.

As a guest at the new Carlsberg Aviator Lounge, you enter a tasteful environment inspired by authentic materials such as copper, glass, wood and stone, which translates to classic Scandinavian quality and craftsmanship. The unique fixtures are tailor-made for the lounge, where all functionalities unfold from the basic design. For example, the seating is connected to the wall, logos unfold from the wall construction, and shelves, storage and lighting are also integrated into the design. Centrally located in the lounge is, of course, a large bar with a wide selection of Carlsberg products. In addition, there will be changing brews from Jacobsen Brewhouse, the small specialty brewery situated at the original Carlsberg site in Copenhagen, and other specialty beers.

The design concept, "beer, love and hoppiness", has been developed and created in collaboration with the Balls Agency, Matrikula Studio and Yellow Advertising.

In addition to the gastronomic and architectural experience the lounge also offers innovation, namely the furniture, which has been developed based on Carlsberg's journey towards sustainability and its desire to do better for the environment. The chairs are created in recyclable plastic material designed by Eva Harlou from Earth Studio in collaboration with Mater. Designed by Matrikula Studio and developed together with Lendager Group, the tables are made of recycled material from Carlsberg's beer kegs.

“We were delighted to be invited to develop the new lounge. The democratization of the lounge concept fits well with Carlsberg, which has a strong tradition of sharing and doing things better. Carlsberg's purpose of brewing both for today and tomorrow is also reflected in the architecture and the furniture in the lounge. We are especially excited to see the new tables created from our beer kegs to create a new and more circular experience for the Danes and all those who visit the new lounge,” says Søren Brinck, Managing Director of Carlsberg Denmark.

The lounge is located in Terminal 2, passed the security check and on the 1st. floor.

About the Carlsberg Aviator Lounge

  • Concept developed by:
    • Balls Agency / Yellow Advertising
    • Based on Scandinavian aesthetics and relaxed atmosphere
    • The concept: "Beer, Love and Hoppiness"
  • Furniture:
    • Tables are made of recycled material from Carlsberg's Draft Master kegs. Material developed in collaboration with Lendager Group and tables designed by Matrikula Studio
    • Lamps in LED
    • Bar stools also in recyclable plastic material designed by Eva Harlou from Earth Studio for Mater
  • Design and construction:
    • Balls Agency with Michael Ubbesen from Matrikula Studio

Matrikula Studio: A Danish design studio founded in Copenhagen in 2018 by architect, Camilla Piltoft, and industrial designer, Michael Ubbesen. Matrikula Studio is driven by a passion for the small details that make a big difference as well as design defined by the surrounding architecture. They specialize in furniture design and make everything from tailor-made interior design to stand-alone furniture design.


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