Carlsberg celebrates lunar new year and the year of the Rabbit with special limited edition packaging

Created by multi award-winning illustrator Feifei Ruan, the visual storytelling truly captures Chinese New Year’s essence, drawing on the celebratory nature of reuniting with family and friends.

Feifei Ruan’s illustration is described as a spring wonderland depicting eight magical rabbits transformed from the golden liquid of Carlsberg premium brew, reuniting in a beer forest. The piece is embellished with koi fish, signifying luck and good fortune, flying swallows that welcome spring and new beginnings, and dragonflies symbolising harmony, prosperity and good luck. Additionally, elements of gold coins and blooming peonies symbolise wealth, prosperity and new beginnings.

“Kung Hey Fat Choi! The last couple of years have further affirmed the importance of reuniting with our friends and family, whenever possible and celebrating the simple act of being together,” says Arindam Varanasi, VP Commercial Asia, “We’ve been inspired by this, rolling out the campaign and the design holistically across the region, with each market taking part and offering unique opportunities for our customers and consumers to get involved.”

The illustrated wrap is available on brews across the region on both cans and bottles in China, on bottles in Singapore, Malaysia and on cans in Hong Kong.

You can hear more from the artist in the video below.


And dive into the campaign assets:


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