Carlsberg’s Sustainability Reporting recognised with CSR Award 2021

Today at the Danish Chamber of Commerce, Carlsberg Group CEO Cees ‘t Hart collected the prestigious 2021 CSR Award for best Sustainability Report by a listed company, from FSR – Danish Auditors, highlighting best practice in communicating work on sustainability.

The judges, led by Birgitte Mogensen, Chairman of the FSR – Danish Auditors’ Committee for Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability, praised Carlsberg for reporting on the concrete progress and expectations for the future in relation to the company's Together Towards ZERO strategy, alongside focus on the entire value chain.

“At Carlsberg we want to be as transparent about our sustainability progress, as our financial results, for which reason we are especially proud of this recognition. In our Sustainability Report we try to communicate to our consumers through detailed data and stories about our impact on society. This includes the specific ambitious targets we set ourselves in 2017 when we launched our sustainability programme Together Towards ZERO. We are very happy to receive this award, and look at it as a recognition to all our colleagues who work on a daily basis on making Carlsberg more sustainable, and improving our communication with our stakeholders,” says Cees ’t Hart, CEO at Carlsberg Group

This year, the association chose to praise the best report on social responsibility and sustainability within two business categories. One award to Arla in the category for unlisted companies and one award to Carlsberg in the category for listed companies.

Camilla Hesselby, Acting CEO, FSR - Danish Auditors, said “I have been looking forward to revealing that Arla and Carlsberg are running with the CSR Award this year. With the new sustainability directive from the EU, the requirements for content and format in the reports will become much more tangible in the future. We are thus facing an exciting time, where common structure and data on social responsibility and sustainability must fill more of the reports. With the CSR Prize, we highlight and pay tribute to the companies that are already far in that work today and can serve as inspiration for others. Congratulations to the winners.”

In September, Carlsberg Group was also awarded with the FSR – Danish Auditors’ award for the best Annual Report, which also highlighted the strength of sustainability information and inclusion of the UN’s SDGs.


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