New partnership between Roskilde Festival and Tuborg to focus on sustainability

A new five-year partnership between Northern Europe’s largest festival, Roskilde Festival, and Tuborg puts even more focus on community building and sustainable solutions. This year’s festival will see the world premiere of a new organic lager, beer bars running on green electricity and a new alcohol-free area.

Sustainability and community building for young people are at the heart of the new five-year deal, which will see a continuation of the partnership between Roskilde Festival and Tuborg, which began in 1992.

Together, Roskilde Festival and Tuborg will bring the partnership to life through delivering exceptional beer experiences for consumers and developing new communities among young people at the festival, as well as new sustainable solutions. The solutions can, among other things, reduce the environmental impact of Roskilde Festival; an event with 130,000 festivalgoers, corresponding to the size of Denmark’s fourth largest city.

New organic beer tapped and served on green electricity

The partnership’s first initiatives will be launched shortly when this year’s Roskilde Festival opens. With that, festivalgoers will experience the world premiere of a brand new Tuborg beer. Tuborg Orange is the name of the organic lager available in all the festival’s beer bars, with the goal of increasing the overall organic share of beverages sold at the festival.

Tuborg Orange will supplement the organic Tuborg RÅ, which was introduced at Roskilde Festival in 2015.

At the same time, this year’s beers will be served using green electricity. In 2019, the parties will purchase green certificates and ensure additional new green electricity to ensure all beer bars are driven by electricity from renewable energy sources.

By 2020, all beer bars will be based on renewable energy from a solar park, which Roskilde Festival and Tuborg will establish near the festival site after this year’s festival.

The fight against plastic waste continues

The partnership also addresses the challenge of the growing one-way plastic consumption. At this year’s festival, Tuborg and Roskilde will therefore replace over 1 million one-way plastic cups with a new, sustainable alternative that can be used more than 25 times.

Focusing on a responsible partying culture

Finally, this year’s festival offers a new recreational area in the middle of the camping area, where guests can take an alcohol-free break and enjoy activities such as dancing, yoga or socializing with alcohol-free beers.

The alcohol-free zone is also a way to start the dialogue around alcohol culture and thereby challenge the existing norms and habits among young people in an environment where the party calendar is already tightly packed.

Signe Lopdrup, Roskilde Festival’s CEO, said:

“As hosts of over 100,000 young party-minded participants, we want to show that sustainability goes hand in hand with festival culture. So, when we turn up the green energy together with Tuborg and launch a new organic beer while creating an alcohol-free party area, we demonstrate that our partnership is set up to challenge ourselves and take brand new sustainable paths together.”

Commenting on the partnership, Søren Brinck, Managing Director, Carlsberg Denmark (Tuborg), said:

“We are happy and proud of the new partnership agreement with Denmark’s largest festival, because we can jointly put the good beer experience at the forefront, while also using our common efforts to focus on the young communities and sustainability.”

Roskilde Festival 2019 takes place over eight days from Saturday 29 June to Saturday 6 July.


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Roskilde Festival Orange Stage. Copyright Flemming Bo Jensen