Baltika #2 Pale

Baltika #2 Pale

Beer type:
Pale Lager
Brand Origin:
Baltika #2 Pale


The Baltika #2 Pale beer was launched in 2004. The variety was developed with account for the relevant preferences of beer consumers.

Light beer lovers appreciate the pure light taste and remarkable freshness of the Baltika #2 Pale beer. The unique combination of hops gives this variety some nice bitterness and perfectly quenches thirst.

In 2004, right after production started, the brand was awarded a Gold Medal of the International Contest "The Best Beer, Non-Alcoholic Drink and Mineral Water of the Year" organized under the auspices of the All-Russia Research Institute of Brewing, Non-Alcoholic and Wine Industry and the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

In 2005 the brand also received a Gold Medal of the tasting contest at the exhibition of "Beer and Beverage Industry. Beer Auction." The same year the Baltika №2 Pale beer participated in the International specialized exhibition-fair "Beer-2005" in Sochi where it received a Gold medal.