Dahls Julebrygg

Dahls Julebrygg

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Seasonal Brews
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Dahls Julebrygg

Ever since the Viking era, the Christmas beer tradition has been strong in Norway. As stated in the 'Gulatingsloven' (a regional law text valid until 1274), every farmer was bound by the law to brew beer for Christmas and christen it according to the new faith, otherwise running the risk of losing his assets to the king and bishop. The Christmas beer was normally brewed from the best grain of the season and would be strong with a rich malt flavour. Dahls Christmas Brew is a modern version of the traditional Norwegian Christmas beer.

Dahls Christmas Brew is a Vienna type beer with an amber colour. The aroma is slightly fruity with notes of banana, freshly based bread and caramel. This beer is medium-bodied with a taste of toasted malt and sweet caramel.

Food Parings

Enjoy with traditional Scandinavian Christmas food.