E.C. Dahls 500 Lager

E.C. Dahls 500 Lager

Beer type:
European Dark Lager
Brand Origin:
E.C. Dahls 500 Lager

500 Lager is a so-called 'hoppy lager'; a bottom-fermented beer with a noticeable hoppy character, brewed with only bayer malt and is dry-hopped with centennial hops. The brew is amber coloured. Upon drinking this beer, you will immediately notice the scent of centennial hops with its juicy fruitiness, combined with a banana scent, resulting from the Dahls' yeast. Additionally, the malt adds a mild caramel sweetness. The hops are also evident in taste and the bitterness well balanced against the body and mild sweetness. Citrus notes from the hops refreshed. Long-lasting aftertaste.

In brewing this 500 Lager, we drew inspiration from our first BETA beer, which was a Bayern-inspired beer brewed with the unique Dahls' yeast. In addition, the beer was brewed on the 500th anniversary of 'Das Reinheitsgebot' (the German purity lov). The beer became a success, but quickly emptied the stocks.

At E.C. Dahls, we want to stay true to our history but at the same time, test new ideas and inspirations. This is why we have replaced the traditional hops varieties with the distinctive centennial hops, resulting in a hoppy lager.

Food Pairings

500 Lager is a versatile food beer. Try it with smoked fish or meat. Will also pair nicely with barbecued dishes, such as grilled mackerel, chops and spareribs, as well as tacos and other Mexican dishes.