E.C. Dahls Lille Bjørn Juleøl

E.C. Dahls Lille Bjørn Juleøl

Beer type:
Seasonal Brews
Brand Origin:
E.C. Dahls Lille Bjørn Juleøl

Having a Christmas beer together with food is a Norwegian Christmas tradition. The same applies to aquavit. The E.C. Dahls Christmas Beer is a tribute to this dram. The brewmasters wanted to create a brew with the traditional aquavit spices: cumin, star anise, orange peel, fennel seeds and coriander seeds. Lille Bjørn is therefore an untraditional Norwegian Christmas beer that celebrates traditions.

Lille Bjørn has a nut-brown colour. The aroma is lightly sweet with a balanced touch of aquavit spices and light, fresh notes of orange peel. The use of Münchenermalt, as well as Belgian yeast give this beer a malty backbone and fruity notes.