Zatecky Gus Cerny Nealko

Zatecky Gus Cerny Nealko

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Zatecky Gus Cerny Nealko

Zatecky Gus Cerny Nealko is the fist dark alcohol-free lager in our brand portfolio. It's brewed according to the best Czech traditions and is characterised by a roasted malt and caramel flavour, as well as a hoppy aroma coming from the famous Zatec hop variety. For more than 700 years, this hop variety has been grown in red soils in the North Bohemia near the town of Zatec.

By using the membrane filtration technique, where the alcohol is carefully removed from the finished brew, Zatecky Gus Cerny Nealko preserves everything that consumers loved about Zatecky Gus Cerny. It's easy-to-drink and the rich flavour and aroma goes perfectly with home cooked meals.

This brew under the Zatecky Gus brand is a great gift for everyone who loves dark beer and doesn’t want to deny the pleasure of enjoying their favorite beer at any time.