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A step closer to 100% renewable electricity

In 2018, our use of electricity from renewable sources such as biomass, biogas, solar power and renewable energy certificates (with guarantees of origin) reached a total of 46%, which is an increase of 1% compared to 2017.

In a world where climate change can cause disruption to energy supply, the use of resilient and renewable technologies such as solar is a smart way to go. Every hour, the sun is estimated to transmit more energy to the earth's surface than the world’s entire population uses in a year. And since the sun’s energy is unlimited, it is also an extremely reliable energy source.

2018 performance 46%

More widespread use of clean energy sources - such as solar - not only contribute to reduced CO2 emissions but also to the reduction of pollution-related health issues. What’s more, tapping into the sun’s energy is becoming more economically viable as payback periods get shorter and we start to see real economies of scale.

Our breweries in Western Europe use 100% renewable electricity, including 394,808 MWh with renewable energy certificates in 2018. Meanwhile, we use solar installations at breweries in China, India and Switzerland, and in 2018 added a new 1 MW rooftop installation at our brewery in Utena, Lithuania.