Major efficiency gains in China

Nowhere has seen more impressive results from our Group-wide efficiency drive than our Chinese breweries. Since 2015, thermal energy efficiency has improved by more than 29%, electricity by almost 11%, water by 15% and CO2 emissions by 37%.

Our Chinese breweries achieved efficiency improvements by implementing best practice through the Carlsberg Operation Manual (COM), educating our people and converting coal boilers to natural gas boilers.

One of the most innovative initiatives has been upgrading 24 packaging lines to use new “nano insulation” technology. Originally developed to insulate spacecraft, this technology reduces energy consumption significantly, using material that is ten times thinner than traditional mineral wool to create the same effect. On average, nano insulation cuts the energy use of our packaging lines by 10%. 

Other benefits include the increased lifespan of up to 50 years, enhanced cleanliness due to the stainless steel finish, and a more comfortable working environment for our workers due to an average 5-7°C lower working environment in summer.