Stopping underage beer sales in Ukraine

Our beers are brewed to be enjoyed by people above the legal drinking age, so we're working hard to prevent sales to younger people. One of the many initiatives in 2018 included a campaign by Carlsberg Ukraine. On Global Beer Responsibility Day, they tackled underage drinking by targeting shops and parents, raising awareness of this issue.

Over 1,600 Carlsberg Ukraine employees visited 20,000 shops, talking about the dangers of selling alcohol to young people. They wore T-shirts featuring retro audio cassettes with the headline, “Don’t know how it works? Sorry, no beer for you!”, while also providing shop staff with fun gifts to prompt ID requests. In addition, two leading psychologists mentored parents on how to talk to their teenage children about the importance of not drinking alcohol while underage. A Facebook page attracted more than 21 million visitors in a four-month period.