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Tackling drink cycling in Denmark

In a country famous for its love of bicycles, Carlsberg Danmark chose Global Beer Responsibility Day to raise awareness of the risk of cycling while under the influence of alcohol.

Research shows that one in four Danish cycling accidents involves alcohol. By partnering with the Danish Road Safety Council and a Copenhagen based taxi company, we encouraged drinkers to leave their bicycles behind and offered them a free taxi-ride home instead. This not only ensured that consumers got home safely, but also provided a platform for dialogue around the risks of drink cycling after a night out.

Globally, our Global Beer Responsibility Day (GBRD) activities reached over 54 million people. This exceeded our 2017 commitment to reach 30 million consumers. In total, 22 markets across our regions joined in the collective effort with business partners – including more than 70,000 retailers and bars, five social organisations and seven governments – to jointly promote responsible drinking and develop and implement collective solutions to tackle irresponsible drinking.