Lilian Fossum Biner

Nationality: Swedish
Year of birth: 1962

Lilian Fossum Biner has had a strong career within the retail, household goods and brewing industries, having held positions such as CFO of Axel Johnson AB, Head of HR and Strategic Pricing Europe at Electrolux Major Appliances Europe and CFO of Spendrups Bryggeri AB. She is member of the Board of Directors of Röko. 

Lilian Fossum Biner has a wide experience from a range of consumer-fronted industries. She has substantial experience of financial management and control, strategic pricing, HR matters and multiple brand strategy.

Other board positions in listed companies

Board Member: Alfa Laval and Pandora.
Board Committees: Pandora (member of the Audit Committee), Alfa Laval (member of the Audit Committee).