Carlsberg premieres two new films in “Betterment” campaign

The two films will air in Denmark before rolling-out across other European markets.

“The Delivery” dramatises Carlsberg’s brand philosophy and follows Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen as he cycles through the streets of Denmark, reflecting on the idea that anything can be improved with a positive outlook.

Passing through a fun fair, bakery, and finally a bar, Mikkelsen references familiar Danish examples to illustrate this focus on ‘betterment’. He mentions the reinvention of the wheel as a nod to the famous Danish Christiana bike; the Danish twist that improved the classic pastry; and of course, the small refinements that have made Carlsberg the most balanced Pilsner in the world.

Julian Marsili, Global Brand Director, Carlsberg said: “We are continuing on our path to substantiate why we are ‘Probably the best beer in the world’ which reflects our uniquely Danish mindset and the philosophy of our founder of always pursuing better, which has driven the brand since its creation in 1847.”

“The Delivery” will be supported by “Snap Pack” which showcases Carlsberg’s new, sustainable packaging. Using innovative new technology, it’s contributing to a better world by reducing plastic as part of their broader environmental pledge.

“The Snap Pack innovation is now rolled out in the UK, Norway and our home market, Denmark, and is one demonstration of Carlsberg’s commitment to help consumers live more sustainable lives while moving quality to an even higher level. The 76% reduction of plastic around our six-packs is part of a broader environmental pledge in our sustainability programme, Together Towards ZERO, aiming at reducing CO2 and water waste,” says Julian Marsili.

Both ads use Carlsberg’s famous line of ‘Probably the best beer in the world’ which reflect its philosophy of always pursuing better, which has driven the brand since its creation in 1847.

Other examples of the brand’s belief in better will follow later in the year.


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